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Custom kiosks. Standard kiosks. All affordably yours.

All tablet kiosk projects are not identical. That’s why Kiosk Group offers a line of standard kiosks designed to fit most public environments, as well as a complete custom design shop to make your vision a reality, on time and under budget.

Since we created the world’s first tablet kiosks back in 2010 with the launch of the original iPad, our kiosks have helped thousands of customers deliver better service faster. Expanding beyond Apple, we offer kiosks for a wide variety of tablets including Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, Elotouch and more.

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A custom Countertop kiosk with a Square chip reader.
Our Roo Printer Tablet Kiosk is made from cold-rolled steel for a stable design.

Roo Printer Kiosk

Meet Roo, the most attractive, durable and affordable printing kiosk around for iPads and other tablets.

Whether you need receipts or labels, the Roo Printer Kiosk is great for check-in, information or transaction applications, is commercially hardened, and is priced to fit your budget.

Roo can be paired with our new Checkpoint health screening software, which allows you to easily screen employees and visitors with a simple set of health screening questions. After screening, a date-stamped badge is printed for easy identification within your facility.

Roo Printer Kiosk CheckPoint Health Screening Kiosk
Use braille to make your kiosks accessible to all visitors.

Ensure accessibility for every visitor.

ADA compliance is a key part of any kiosk project, not only because it protects your organization from potential lawsuits, but because it’s the right thing to do.

While many kiosk manufacturers are content to meet the most basic height and reach guidelines (and some fail to do even that), we’re continuing to push forward with new ways to support visitors with other forms of disability, including investing in supporting braille engraving and audio jack access.

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Make it your own with branding.

iPad and other tablet kiosks work well in a wide variety of settings, allowing visitors to learn and interact at their own pace. From visitor surveys to interactive information displays, we hear new ideas and uses for these kiosks every day (and we’ve made many of them happen already!)

Add your own text, imagery and logo to create a bold kiosk and increase visitor traffic. With our professional printing and application, you’ll see results from day one.

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Wrap your kiosk with graphics that portray your brand.
Customize your kiosk with a keyboard tray.

Customize as needed.

We understand that no two projects are the same and so we support a wide range of peripherals and accessories - from barcode scanners and mag stripe card readers to thermal printers and external keyboards.

If you need a peripheral we don’t currently support, we have a professional engineering team on-hand and ready to integrate to your specifications.

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Share your content with Kiosk Pro.

Kiosk Pro is a series of specialized browser apps for iOS designed for use in public or shared spaces.

Our apps support web-friendly content like HTML pages, PDFs, and video and include features that make it easy to set up an iPad as a public kiosk.

Kiosk Pro has been in continuous development since 2010 when the first iPad was introduced and remains the best-selling kiosk app for iOS.

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Our Countertop model's pedestal and base are made from cold-rolled steel for a stable design.
A large deployment of Countertop kiosks with Bezel graphics.

Scale your project without stress.

Your large-scale kiosk project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our team works closely with you every step of the way to make sure your needs are met and your kiosks are delivered on time and on budget.

Let us handle the logistics and sweat the details. We have the experience to successfully execute any project - whether you’re ordering ten kiosks or several thousand.

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