Trend Alert: Asking for Customer Feedback with an iPad Kiosk

We've recently seen an upswing in the number of customers using our iPad kiosks to request feedback from customers!

Customer feedback can be invaluable for any business, allowing you to understand how customers use your products and feel about your brand. But getting this type of feedback can be challenging - advantages we see to using iPad kiosks in this situation include:

  • Honest answers.
    An iPad kiosk can provide a comfortable, low-pressure approach, allowing the customer to provide honest feedback without worrying about social pressure or hurting anyone's feelings with a frank response.
  • Self-serve and always available.
    This type of kiosk can allow your customers to communicate one-on-one with you right in the store, capturing feedback immediately instead of hoping that the customer will remember to follow-up later.
  • Easier (and more accurate) data management.
    Responses can be fed directly into a central database without additional data entry.  No more inaccuracies introduced when trying to decipher customer handwriting or stacks of comment cards just waiting to be entered into the system. 
  • Immediate follow-up.
    Feedback is available right away for follow-up and a system can be designed to make sure the right person to respond is notified immediately.