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New! Windows 8 & Android Kiosks Now Available

We’re happy to announce that we are now offering our tablet kiosk enclosures for two new tablets: the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.  

We’ve been a leader in developing iPad-based kiosks since the iPad was first introduced, but this marks the first time that we will carry heads for Windows and Android tablets as an in-stock option for our kiosks.  

While we’ve made custom head enclosures for a variety of tablets in the past at customer request, we’ve been waiting for the right Windows and Android tablets to come along for kiosk use and we believe that we’ve found them in these offerings.


Samsung Galaxy Note Pro (SMP-900)

Running on Android 4.4 KitKat, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro offers a large and responsive 12.2” touchscreen, excellent battery life, and a fast 1.90 GHz quad-core processor.  

The tablet features a single USB port and Bluetooth 4.0, both of which can be used for connecting a variety of peripherals.  There’s also an optional HDMI dongle that lets you connect the Note Pro to an external monitor.

While Samsung includes 32 GB of storage standard on the base model, which should more than meet the needs of most kiosk deployments, there’s also room for a microSD expansion if needed.  

Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

Microsoft’s premier line of workstation tablets- the original Surface Pro and newer Surface Pro 2 both have great potential as tablet kiosks.  

With a 10.6” screen, the Surface Pro is closer in screen size to the iPad, but has a widescreen aspect ratio that makes it play nicely with widescreen content like standard video formats.  

Like the Galaxy, both the Surface Pro and Pro 2 also offer a full-size USB port and Bluetooth 4.0, making them a good choice for projects using peripherals.  You can connect to an external monitor either through a wired Mini DisplayPort dongle or wirelessly over WiFi.

Since the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 both run a full version of Windows 8, you have your choice of Metro-style apps or traditional desktop applications.