Evaluating Kiosk Hardware

We’ll be the first to admit that we are biased here - we work hard to produce what we believe are the best iPad and tablet kiosks on the market and stand behind them with a solid 3-year warranty and great customer service.

With that said, kiosk enclosures can be a major purchase and we want you to be able to make an informed decision. Areas that you need to consider when choosing the best kiosk hardware for your project include:

Visitor Experience

Is this kiosk ADA-compliant? Is it easy to approach? Does it accommodate a majority of users from short to tall? Is the kiosk stable enough to prevent accidental tipping?  


How is the tablet secured within the kiosk? Is the enclosure itself heavy enough to prevent someone from easily walking away with it? Can the kiosk itself be bolted or otherwise locked down?


How well will the kiosk hold up over time? What kind of materials does the manufacturer use? Are plastics and other composite materials used certified non-toxic? Where is the kiosk made?

Design Aesthetics

What does the kiosk look like?  Will it be a good visual match with the planned location? Is it a knock-off of someone else’s design? Are the materials used durable and scratch resistant enough to hold up under public use? 

Access to the Tablet

Does the enclosure cover the device's Home and other physical buttons?  Is it possible to access the tablet’s camera if needed?  Does the kiosk adequately protect the device’s power supply and other cables or is it easily disconnected?

Internet Connectivity

If your project relies on a wireless connection, is the head enclosure radio transparent or will it block cellular data and Wi-Fi signals?  If you plan on using a wired connection, does the enclosure support that?


Does the kiosk require permanent installation for use (for example, drilling into a countertop) or can it be easily repositioned? How easy is the kiosk to assemble and install? If necessary, can the kiosk be shipped already assembled and ready to ‘plug-and-play’?


Does this kiosk already accommodate the accessories or peripherals I need or can it be customized to do so?  Does the solution require specific software (for example, a proprietary iOS SDK to use a specific card reader or printer)?

Graphics & Branding

Are there signage and branding options available? What kind of turnaround time is required for custom work?  

Future Updates

Can I update the head for a new tablet without replacing the entire kiosk? Is it possible to update the branding and signage if needed?


What happens if there is a problem with the kiosk?  Is there a warranty on the product?  Is the seller easy to contact and work with?

We address a number of these in our own FAQ and elsewhere across our site, but if you have any questions about our kiosks, please feel free to get in touch!