Kiosk Datalogic Barcode Scanner

Pay in full at time of purchase or, for orders of $50-$1000, split payment into four biweekly installments - no interest, no additional fees or late fees & no impact to your credit score, details here.

Add barcode scanning to your iPad or Windows kiosk with a Datalogic Gryphon GFS4470 barcode scanner mounted directly below the kiosk head.

The Gryphon GFS4470 barcode reader connects directly to the tablet of your choice via wired USB or Lightning adapter. 

The GFS4470 features omnidirectional scanning and includes support for popular 1D & 2D barcodes, including QR codes, PDF417, and many stacked, composite, and postal codes. Scanned data is returned as HID keyboard input.

The price includes the barcode reader with integrated USB interface cable and aluminum mounting bracket. iOS models include Apple's powered Lightning adapter or multiport USB-C adapter, which allow pass-through power to the iPad at the same time as the wired connection to the scanner.

Kiosk Barcode Scanner Compatibility 

The barcode scanner is only compatible with our Standalone, standard Countertop, and Angled Wall Mount models. The barcode scanner can affect the overall height of the Countertop model. The head enclosure must be in landscape orientation.

If you're interested in using our other accessories with this one or need a custom solution please contact us to discuss compatibility.

Download Datasheet: Gryphon GFS4470

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