Lightning iPad Ethernet Adapter

Pay in full at time of purchase or, for orders of $50-$1000, split payment into four biweekly installments - no interest, no additional fees or late fees & no impact to your credit score, details here.

Connect your iPad to the internet over a reliable, wired ethernet connection while simultaneously charging the device.

When connected to an iPad or iPhone running iOS 10 or later, the adapter is recognized as a network connection that is configured in Settings on the device and usable by any app.

The adapter supports 10/100/1000 gigabit networking and provides bandwidth up to 225 Mbps (with the maximum bandwidth dependent upon the USB sub-system in the iPad or iPhone).

Gigabit + PoE - uses power over ethernet (PoE) and requires a PoE-enabled ethernet hub or injector able to provide 15.4W of power to the adapter (not included) over standard Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6A ethernet cables.

Gigabit + Power - uses an external AC power adapter and is best suited for situations where a power outlet is readily available. It is compatible with any ethernet hub, switch, or port on another ethernet device. 

The adapter connects to the iPad via a replaceable Lightning to USB Micro-B cable, which is available in 16” or 60” lengths. Both the adapter and cables are officially licensed through Apple’s Made for iPhone (MFi) program and come with a one year warranty.

iPad Ethernet Adapter Specifications

  • 3.25″ x 1.75″ x 1″
  • LEDs communicate power status, network link status, and network activity
  • provides up to 2.4A/5V power to the device, which can fully charge & power any model of iPad or iPhone
  • supports a network connection of up to 225 Mbps and both DHCP and Static IP addresses
  • unique MAC address configured during manufacturing
  • connects via Lightning adapter
  • requires iOS 10.0.x or later

PoE model

  • 802.3(af) Class 0 device, requiring a PoE-enabled switch or a PoE injector capable of supplying 15.4W of power
  • works with standard Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6A cables

Power model

  • 1.6A/12V external power supply (included)

Batteries and other charging accessories on our site are covered by a 1 year warranty.

No warranty or liability of any kind for attached devices. External surge protection is required for any situation where lightning or ground loops may occur.

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