Wall Mount Windows Tablet Kiosk

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Made for Windows tablets, this wall-mounted enclosure is a great choice for interactive projects with limited floor space.

When mounted correctly, the angled mounting bracket is designed to secure and protect your Windows tablet, while placing the screen at the perfect angle for ADA accessibility and visitor interaction.

Supported Devices & Models

Each of our head enclosures is made for a specific set of tablet dimensions, allowing the tablet to snap into the head for a secure fit. This kiosk enclosure is available for the following:

Microsoft Surface Go 2

  • exterior model numbers: 1901 (WiFi), unknown (4G/LTE), * see below
  • released in 2020

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  • exterior model numbers: 1866 (WiFi), unknown (4G/LTE), * see below
  • released in 2019

Microsoft Surface Go

  • exterior model numbers: 1824 (Wi-Fi), unknown (4G/LTE), * see below
  • released in 2018

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

  • exterior model numbers: 1796 (Wi-Fi, shared with Surface Pro (2017) below), unknown (4G/LTE), * see below
  • released in 2018

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

  • exterior model numbers: 1796 (Wi-Fi, shared with Surface Pro 6 above), 1807 (4G/LTE), * see below
  • released in 2017
  • Note: While this is the 5th generation Surface Pro, it did not include the number 5 in the official title/name, instead using the year as shown above.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

  • exterior model numbers: 1724 (Wi-Fi), unknown (4G/LTE), * see below
  • released in 2015

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets feature high-resolution touchscreens, fanless cooling, multiple ports to connect an array of peripherals, and a wide variety of software options for kiosk use.

* While Surface tablets include a four digit model number on the rear case under the kickstand, the best way to identify which model of Surface device you have is:

  1. Select the Start button, then type system information.
  2. Select System information in the list of results.
  3. Find System Model under the Item column.
  4. The model info for your Surface will appear in the Value column next to System Model.

Need an enclosure for a different tablet? We have frequently created custom enclosures for other tablets - please contact us to discuss your needs.


in landscape:

  • dimensions: 15.5” w, 7.75” d, 10.5” h
  • highest touch point of screen: 2.75” from top of mounting bracket
  • maximum reach depth of screen: 5.75”

in portrait:

  • dimensions: 12.25” w, 8.75” d, 13.5” h
  • highest touch point of screen: 3.5” from top of mounting bracket
  • maximum reach depth of screen: 7.5”

weight: 5.6 lb.

For ADA compliance, maximum mounting height can be determined by subtracting the highest touch point of screen for the configuration of your choice from 48”.

ADA regulations state that objects mounted between 27 and 80 inches from the floor cannot protrude into navigable areas more than 4 inches. This allows visitors using a cane to navigate to detect objects in their path.

Since the Angled Wall Mount protrudes more than 4 inches, a shelf or object must be place below the kiosk (either directly on the floor or lower than 27 inches from the floor).

Assembly & installation instructions are available here. If you would prefer to receive your kiosk fully assembled or are interested in installation services, please contact us directly.

Tablet is not included and must be purchased separately.

  • radio-transparent tablet enclosure does not block WiFi or Bluetooth signals.
  • textured, black ABS faceplate is scratch and fingerprint-resistant.
  • tablet can be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • secondary cable exit through the back of the bracket for hidden AC power supply and cordless appearance.
  • tablet secured by a barrel lock and four interlocking tabs.

  • keyed access protects the tablet from visitors and at the same time simplifies access for authorized personnel.
  • compatible with our audible alarm system for an additional layer of security.
Optional Button & Camera Access

Precision-milled standard cutouts are available to allow access to:

  • the front-facing home button with pinhole and full access options available
  • the device’s front-facing camera for photos and video

Custom cutouts to accommodate specific types of access, including side buttons, USB ports, and the rear-facing camera may also be available on request.

Custom Branding

Our Wall Mount model can be branded with the following options:

Templates for graphics are available for download or if you would prefer to work with our team to develop your graphics, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Bezel graphics must be applied prior to shipping.

Shipping & Lead Time

This item ships in custom protective packaging (included in shipping costs) by the FedEx shipping method selected at checkout.

Domestic orders over 150 lb. and all international orders require a custom shipping quote. We will contact you after checkout to arrange payment of shipping charges separately. If you would like a custom cart that includes shipping charges for an order of this type, please contact us directly.

Tracking information will be sent once the item has shipped. We ship all kiosks with adult signature required on delivery.

Need to ship to multiple addresses or have a specific deadline you need to meet? Just let us know!

Volume Discounts

We want to make sure you are getting the best price possible. For quantities of ten or more, we offer volume discounts and more economical shipping options, including pallet shipping. Please contact us so we can put together a formal quote based on your exact needs.

Larger orders may require additional lead time depending on current stock levels.


We’re happy to help! Check our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us directly.

Download: Product Brochure, Assembly Instructions

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