Custom Tablet Kiosks

With over 30 years of experience designing and building interactive kiosks, we’ve come to appreciate that most kiosk projects are not ‘one-size-fits all’.

From custom branding to a new form factor or accessory, that extra bit of customization can make all the difference in the success of a project.

We can help you at every step of a custom project - from translating your initial vision into a working prototype right through to final delivery.

Our Process


A custom kiosk starts with your idea. We’ll discuss your target audience, necessary functionality, and other project needs to determine what type of kiosk is right for you.


After your needs are defined, we’ll work through multiple designs to find the best approach. Throughout the design phase, we’ll send detailed drawings and specs, keeping you involved at every step.


When you’ve approved a design, our team will create a prototype to begin testing. We’ll make sure everything is correct, and ensure that the final solution meets your needs and our standards.

Finished Kiosk

Once the design and prototype phases are complete, we’ll move into production, ramping up capacity as needed to make sure your custom kiosks ship on schedule and on budget.

Recent Projects

Door Access with ID

This Standalone kiosk includes a custom-built integration for a Salto access card reader, allowing staff to unlock a door by scanning their ID.

  • Designed to protect and secure the Salto access card reader without blocking access to the full front of the device.
  • Card reader integration built with commercial-grade polyethylene to prevent any interference with the wireless signals it uses.
  • Standalone kiosk enclosure, designed to match the professional decor in an office environment without the need for additional branding.

Trivia Kiosk

Designed for a trivia event, this kiosk has a shelf for competing players to buzz in if they know the answer.

  • The shelf was built and sized specifically for the physical buzzers with hidden routing for power and connection cables.
  • Designed with durability in mind, the shelf was made with an aluminum core for stiffness and recyclable, high-density polyethylene for a rugged, scratch-resistant surface.
  • Custom graphics applied to the bezel surrounding the tablet and wrapping the body of the kiosk enclosure.

Conference Room LED Kiosk

This Wall Mount kiosk integrates LED lights to shine green or red, depending on whether a conference room is currently in use. Staff can easily find out which rooms are available with a quick glance down the hallway.

  • Colored LED lights are protected by translucent, commercial grade plastic wings, providing a clean, finished appearance.
  • LEDs are controlled through the iPad’s audio jack with all wiring routed through the interior of the kiosk enclosure to prevent tampering.
  • Wall Mount kiosk enclosure, designed to be easily mounted directly outside a conference room door or other shared space.

Check In & Payment

This Standalone kiosk allows clinic patients to check in during visits and make payments using a credit card.

  • Protects and secures a Square Contactless + Chip Reader and a Square Magstripe Reader for quick, convenient payments by visitors.
  • Custom graphics applied to the bezel surrounding the tablet encourage visitors to approach the kiosk.
  • Made with solid materials and non-porous finishes, the kiosk enclosure can easily be wiped down to sanitize, a key feature in a healthcare environment.

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