Frequently Asked Questions

  • Kiosks

  • What are your kiosks made out of?

    We’re glad you asked! Our kiosks are made from high-quality thermoplastic Kydex and cold-rolled steel. Check out why these materials make outstanding kiosks!

  • How secure are your kiosks?

    All of our kiosks secure your tablet in a non-breakable thermoplastic head with a keyed lock. There's also a lock for the back panel to keep visitors from being able to disassemble the kiosk or access any inner components you may be using.

    The Standalone and Countertop are also weighted to have a low center of gravity, so knocking one over (or carrying one off) isn’t easy. In addition, all of our Standalone and Countertop models include hidden holes in the base for mounting to the floor or countertop.

    If you need additional security, we also offer audible alarm systems and Kensington locks.

  • Are your kiosks easy to transport?

    All of our standard models are fairly easy to transport. Our Standalone model is the heaviest among them at ~46 pounds, but can still be lifted and carried short distances.

    In addition, all of our kiosks can be disassembled to make transportation easier.

  • Can your kiosks be bolted down?

    Absolutely. Our kiosks have hidden holes in the base plate for bolting to a floor, countertop or wall. As the type of bolt used will vary depending on the surface you are mounting the kiosk on, these bolts are not included.

  • Are your kiosks weather proof?

    Our kiosks are designed for indoor use and are not weather-proof.

  • iPads & Other Tablets

  • Does the tablet come with the kiosk?

    Tablets are not included with any of our standard kiosk models.

    If you need to purchase a tablet with your enclosure, please get in touch for a quote.

  • What if I need to quickly access the tablet's buttons?

    All of our head enclosures secure the tablet with a keyed lock, making it easy for a staff member to quickly access the tablet's buttons.

    We also offer head enclosure customization if you need the tablet's Home button to be accessible, either for a finger-press or pinhole access.

  • Can the tablet be used in landscape or portrait mode?

    All of our kiosks have a head that can be attached either in landscape or portrait mode.

    This attachment is not permanent so you can flip the head at any point if needed. We recommending setting a few minutes aside for this process as it does require partially disassembling the kiosk so that you can turn the head and re-assemble.

  • Does the tablet have to be removed to charge?

    If the tablet is installed in the kiosk with the USB charging cable connected, you can charge the device directly in the kiosk by connecting the charging cable to the AC adapter provided with your tablet.

    Our Standalone and Countertop models include an additional 6 ft. power cord that you can easily run through the kiosk and out the bottom or back to plug into a standard AC wall outlet. If you need more length, a regular extension cord can be used.

  • Accessories & Branding

  • How do I submit my graphics?

    If you’re submitting your own design for a branding option, please email it to and include your order number in the subject line. You can find all of our graphic and template guidelines here.

  • How easy is it to change out my graphics?

    This depends on the branding option you choose. If you are planning to change out your branding regularly, graphic panels and backdrops are your best options as the graphics are printed on a separate PVC board, which can be easily replaced.

    Bezel graphics are printed directly on the head enclosure. Since this is a permanent process, the head cannot be reprinted with new graphics, but it is possible to purchase a replacement head with a new graphic if needed.

    Wraps are printed on vinyl, laminated and applied to the kiosk. If you want to replace a wrap graphic, we would recommend shipping just the part of your kiosk with the graphic back to us. We can then strip the vinyl and apply the new graphic. We are unable to ship just the vinyl as the application process requires experience to achieve a professional-looking result.

  • Do I need a battery?

    If your kiosk will be plugged into a wall outlet using the USB charging cable and AC adapter that came with your tablet, you probably won’t need a battery.

    While iPads are slated to have a 10-hour battery life, variables like Wi-Fi or cellular data usage and screen brightness may shorten this time.

    iOS includes a charge management feature to automatically maintain battery health when iPads are connected to power for prolonged periods of time, such as when used in a kiosk or a point of sales system, but if you need your kiosk to run for a long period without being plugged in, you may want to consider purchasing an external battery.

  • Where would the external battery go?

    Our Standalone and Countertop models have room inside the kiosk body for the battery system, which allows for a cord-free appearance. As the interior of the body is secured by a locking panel, the battery system cannot be disturbed or removed by visitors.

    If you choose to use an external battery with our Low Rise or Wall-Mount, it would need to be secured separately outside the kiosk.

  • How does the alarm work?

    The alarm system consists of an alarm module, cable, pressure-sensitive sensor switch, and control keys. The sensor switch is connected directly to the base or body of the kiosk by a semi-permanent adhesive. The cable connects the sensor switch and the alarm module.

    Once the alarm module is armed by using one of the control keys provided, anything that breaks the circuit between the alarm module and the sensor will set off an audible alarm that sounds similar to a smoke detector.

    Turning off the alarm requires one of the control keys be inserted and turned (or that the alarm module be disassembled to remove the battery, which requires the removal of 4 small screws).

  • Shipping

  • How long will my order take to ship?

    Generally, unless otherwise noted in the product description, we can send out your order within 2-3 business days. 

    This is dependent on inventory and the number of orders in our queue at the time your order is placed.  If you have a time-sensitive project or need expedited shipping, we recommend contacting us directly to confirm availability and work out a specific timeline.

    If your project includes custom branding options, additional time may be required. Once your graphics have been submitted, our design team will create a proof and send it to you for verification prior to printing. Delays in providing graphics or verification of the submitted proof can result in delays in printing and shipping.

  • Can you ship outside the United States?

    Absolutely! At this time, due to the size and weight of most of our products, we're currently unable to provide accurate shipping estimates outside the United States through the website.

    Orders outside the US can be processed through the site without shipping included. Once we receive your order, we'll create a custom cart for the actual shipping costs. If you would prefer a custom cart with shipping included, please contact us.

  • Payment

  • What is your return policy?

    We have a best-in-class, 5 year warranty on our kiosks, branding, and most accessories. You can find all the details of our return policy on our Warranty page.

  • Can I pay by a P.O. with a fifteen or thirty day net?

    If you are a school or other educational institution, sure! Otherwise, the answer is generally no, but if you contact us, we can sometimes make an exception.

  • Can I rent a kiosk?

    Unfortunately, no, we do not currently offer rental services.

  • Can I pay by bank or wire transfer?

    Yes. At checkout, you have the option of selecting 'Bank Transfer' and we will contact you with the details required to accept payment.  As this process takes longer than a credit payment to complete, we do not recommend selecting this option if you have a tight deadline.