Equipment financing allows you to acquire kiosks based on your operating budget, rather than on capital or cash on hand.

If you’d prefer to spread the cost of your kiosks over the life of your project, rather than paying for everything up front, then financing might be a good option. We’ve partnered with Marlin Business Services to provide our kiosks using their structured lease agreements.

100% Financing

Since this type of lease agreement often doesn’t require a down payment, it’s equivalent to full financing.

Asset Management

Financing provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments with the financing company assuming and managing the risk of equipment ownership. If your project’s needs change, you may be able to add or upgrade equipment at any point during the financing term.

Flexible End of Term Options

There are typically three flexible options at the end of a term: the customer can return the equipment, purchase the equipment from the finance company or extend the financing for an additional period of time.

Marlin Business Services Corp.® is a nationwide provider of equipment and software financing, specializing in providing innovative solutions for small and mid-size businesses.


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