Designed for Public Use

With over thirty years of experience designing and building kiosks, we know what works in public settings like government buildings and offices.


Our kiosks protect your tablet by encasing it inside a non-breakable thermoplastic head. The device is then secured with a keyed lock and mounted on a steel body that’s heavy enough to discourage theft.

ADA Compliant

We believe that everyone should be able to use our kiosks and to back that up, all of our designs meet the standards set in the latest Americans with Disabilities Act.


Backed by a three year guarantee, the heads of our kiosk enclosures are made from thermoplastic Kydex, a plastic composite known for its durability and scratch-resistance.

We're a top choice for many government agencies and departments!

Make life easier for your visitors and staff


Streamline registering for services with tablet kiosks, allowing visitors to complete and submit digital forms in person.

Visitor Management

Set up tablet kiosks so visitors can check in when they arrive. Check-in kiosks can track who should be seen next, notify relevant staff members automatically, and help manage wait times.

Wayfinding & Tours

Large government buildings can be often difficult for visitors to navigate. Tablet kiosks can be used as interactive directories, allowing visitors to look up the location of specific offices or access maps and directions.

Room Scheduling

Maximize the use of shared spaces (like conference rooms) using tablet kiosks. Easily see which spaces are currently reserved or occupied and schedule future reservations directly at the kiosk.


Educate visitors about your goals and mission. Provide access to online resources including information about services provided and upcoming events.

Endlessly customizable

From high-quality signage and branding options to peripherals like card readers and thermal printers, our kiosks can be customized for the needs of any project.

Need help with a potential project?

Let us know what your project needs are and we'll start a conversation with you about how we can create the perfect kiosk.

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