Performance & Quality

The faceplates have a black textured feel.

We make the best tablet kiosks in the business by never making compromises when it comes to the materials we use to construct our enclosures.

The heads of our kiosk enclosures are made from thermoplastic, a plastic composite known for its durability and scratch-resistance. Thermoplastic is the same material used for firearm and knife holsters, truck cargo liners, and safety helmets. As a bonus, it’s naturally fingerprint-resistant!

Using thermoplastic means that our enclosure heads must be individually milled, creating a professional appearance and producing a more durable final product than the cheaper, injection-molded plastic heads used by most other iPad kiosk manufacturers.

Radio Transparent for Wi-Fi Performance

Apple’s official guidelines state that cases should not contain materials or coatings that absorb radio frequency energy. They specifically mention metals (including steel, aluminum, magnesium, and titanium) as these materials “can impair or degrade the performance of cellular communication antennas or GPS, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth antennas.”

Our thermoplastic heads are completely radio-transparent, allowing Wi-Fi and 3G signals to pass through to the tablet at full strength.

Apple's guidelines show the iPad's antenna location with the words:
Our Countertop model.

Durable, Long Lasting Finishes

The bases of our kiosks are shaped from cold rolled steel for a solid, stable design. Once formed, all steel surfaces are washed in an eco-friendly solution to remove any oils or other contaminants and are then powdercoated with special polyester-based paints to create a durable, rust-proof finish.

The attention to detail in the design and creation of each individual component means that our kiosks are more than the sum of their parts.