Made in the USA

A street in downtown Frederick, MD.

All of our tablet kiosks are manufactured and assembled in the United States, allowing us to work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our kiosks meet our high standards for quality.

The metal bases of our kiosks are made from 100% US steel and fabricated at our facility in Pennsylvania by highly-trained metalwork craftsmen.

Our head enclosures are made out of an extremely durable thermoplastic produced in Pennsylvania, which is then sent to our headquarters in Maryland for precision-milling and component assembly.

Downtown Frederick, Maryland houses our corporate office, innovation lab, production facility and warehouse.

The corporate office is the base for our sales, software development, and management teams. Our innovation lab provides space for our product design team to experiment, creating and testing prototypes for new products and custom kiosks.

Our on-site production facility is where we create all of our head enclosures, branding and signage. The final touches are put together in the warehouse where our technicians assemble and package our kiosk enclosures for shipping to your door!

While our kiosks are made in the USA, we're happy to ship anywhere in the world. Click here for the details.

A large deployment of Countertop kiosks with Bezel graphics.