Designed for Nonprofits

With over thirty years of experience designing and building kiosks, we know what works for nonprofits and NGOs.


Professionally-built with durable, scratch-resistant finishes, our kiosks are designed to stand up to public use and provide value for years to come.

Easy to use

Our kiosks present your tablet at the right height and angle for viewing and touch interaction by a variety of visitors and are fully ADA compliant.

Flexible and secure

With models available for floor, countertop and wall mounting, we have enclosures for any space. Each model secures your tablet under lock and key and can be permanently mounted through hidden bolt holes in the base.

We're the top choice for nonprofits nationwide!

Make life easier for your visitors, volunteers & staff


Educate the public about your goals and mission. Provide access to online resources including information about services provided and upcoming events.


Streamline registering for services or community events with tablet kiosks, allowing visitors to complete and submit digital forms in person.

Visitor Management

Set up tablet kiosks so visitors and volunteers can check in when they arrive. Check-in kiosks can track who should be seen next, notify relevant staff members automatically, and help manage wait times.


Simplify fundraising efforts by allowing visitors to swipe a card to donate directly at events.

Volunteer Opportunities

Promote volunteer opportunities within your organization and allow potential volunteers to sign up directly through your kiosk.

Social Media

Encourage visitors to connect to social media to like or follow your organization and help promote your goals.

Endlessly customizable

From high-quality signage and branding options to peripherals like card readers and thermal printers, our kiosks can be customized for the needs of any project.

Need help with a potential project?

Selecting a kiosk vendor can be a big decision. We’ve highlighted some important areas to consider in our downloadable kiosk evaluation worksheet below.


We’re here to help if you have a question or need something specific. Just let us know and we can help you find or create the perfect kiosk for your next project.

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