Purchase Orders

Kiosk Group, Inc. accepts purchase orders from corporate, educational, non-profit and government organizations pending review and acceptance by our sales and finance departments. Submission of a separate credit form may be requested.

To submit your purchase order, please email orders@ipadkiosks.com.

Purchase orders must include:

  • a purchasing agent or other point of contact with relevant contact information, including email address, phone number and physical address
  • products to be purchased with current pricing
  • shipping address and preferred shipping method - if shipping costs are not outlined in the PO, shipping will be included in the final invoice.
  • any delivery deadline for receipt of order

All purchase orders totaling over $5,000 require a 50% deposit at the time of order with the balance to be paid on a NET term basis.

Deposits, balance, and any additional shipping payments may be made via ACH, wire payment, check, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), or Paypal.

Businesses and organizations based in Maryland that require a tax exemption must submit a Tax Exemption Certificate with their purchase order.

Exceptions to this purchase order policy may be made on a case by case basis.