Safety & Security

The enclosure's keyed lock makes it easy for staff to access the tablet.

All our designs prioritize your tablet’s security, protecting it inside a durable, shatterproof thermoplastic head.

We precision mill each head enclosure individually from commercial-grade Kydex, rather than relying on cheap, injection molded plastics that can be easily scratched and shatter under pressure.

The head is secured with a keyed lock and mounted on a steel body that’s heavy enough to prevent it from being carried away unnoticed.

Stable, User Friendly Design

Our enclosures are designed with a low center of gravity and a large, stable base to prevent them from being easily tipped over, which is a safety and liability issue for many other kiosks on the market.

For permanent installation, our kiosks also feature hidden lag-bolt holes to secure the base of the stand directly to the floor or countertop surface.

The Standalone base is counter-balanced with the body and head.
The body is also secured by a keyed lock.

Protected Power Supply & Accessories

The power cable runs down through the body of the kiosk to protect the device’s power supply. Accessories can also be secured inside the kiosk body through a separate locking panel.

Cables can be run through the back of the panel or exit the bottom of the kiosk base or for a cord-free, polished appearance.

Extra Security Available

Audible Alarm System

The pressure sensitive pad in this alarm system attaches directly to your kiosk and sets off an audible alarm if someone attempts to steal or move the enclosure.

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Kensington Lock

Improve the security of your kiosk with a Kensington lock - a small lock-and-cable system, secured with a key and generally looped around a permanent object, such as a heavy table.

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