Kiosk Pro

When we created the first iPad kiosks on the market back in 2010, we realized that there was a need for software that would allow users to display their content quickly and easily.

That need inspired us to create the Kiosk Pro series of apps, which quickly became, and remains, the best-selling kiosk software on the iTunes App Store.

From Lite to Enterprise

Kiosk Pro is a specialized browser designed to present web-friendly content - like HTML pages, PDFs, and video - as a customized kiosk app. With several versions available, Kiosk Pro offers an option for everyone, whether you are just starting out with your first kiosk or are putting together a large deployment.

Block domains

Specify what’s off limits on the web by whitelisting specific allowed domains and addresses.

Control what's displayed

Hide status, address, and/or navigation bars to make your content look like a native app.

Limit browsing time

Set how long visitors are allowed to use the kiosk, increasing turnover and availability at busy locations.

Create a custom experience

Customize the navigation bar with your own color scheme and bookmarked links.

Update settings & content remotely

Update app settings and local content from your own server or Dropbox.

Secure visitor information

Automatically refresh to the homepage and clear the cache and/or cookies to secure personal information after a visitor walks away.

Identify your kiosk

Set both unique and group identifiers to manage and track your kiosks in the field.

Connect to peripherals

Use our powerful JavaScript API to communicate with printers, cameras, scanners & card readers to create a streamlined visitor experience.

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Free to use. Perfect for small projects hosted online.

  • Hide status, address, & nav bars
  • Allowed Domains
  • Idle Time Limit
  • Browsing Time Limit
  • Includes ‘Powered by Kiosk Pro’ watermark

Includes additional features that make it easy to set up a larger deployment or projects hosted offline.

  • Removes ‘Powered by Kiosk Pro’ watermark
  • Local Mode
  • Remote Update of Settings
  • Custom Nav Links
  • Basic AirPrint Support
  • Email Notifications
  • Save Form Data Locally
  • Plus everything in Lite

Adds support for advanced customization with powerful management features built right in.

  • Image/Video Screensaver Loop
  • Night Mode
  • Remote Update of Local Content
  • Sync to Dropbox account
  • Camera Access
  • Save & Autofill Passwords
  • Supports Remote Management Server
  • Plus everything in Basic

Designed for more complex projects that require peripherals (like card readers or printers).

  • Custom Graphics for Nav Bar
  • UPC & QR Code Scanning
  • Thermal Kiosk Printers
  • Advanced AirPrint Options
  • Magnetic-Stripe Card Readers
  • Separate Content on External Display
  • Lock screen orientation inside app
  • Plus everything in Plus