Speed & Scale

A large deployment of Standalone kiosks.

Logistics & Deployment

One of the keys for a successful large scale kiosk project is making sure a solid plan is in place for final deployment. We offer large clients the help of an in-house logistics team to plan out the details and make sure that every kiosk is delivered when, where and how it needs to be.

Deployment services include:

  • Offering a variety of shipping options with domestic overnight, standard carrier, and freight available, as well as international shipping via ocean and air.
  • Grouping kiosks into different shipments as needed - whether you need individual kiosks to arrive at 100 different locations or 100 kiosks at a single location, we’ve got you covered.
  • Scheduling support to make sure kiosks arrive only after a location is prepared to receive them.
  • Delivering kiosks in any state of assembly - kiosks can be shipped fully assembled and ready to go, minimizing time to set up on-site, or bundled unassembled on pallets to save on shipping costs.

Modular for Speed

We’ve worked on kiosk projects both large and small and we understand the specific challenges of each.

We take a modular approach to design, where previous experience and existing components can be integrated into new customer solutions. This allows us to put new ideas into action (and production!) more quickly than competitors.

Project Management

We’ll keep you involved in the project every step of the way - from first contact to shipping day.

1 We’ll set up a discussion of your project needs and budget.

2 Mockups and designs are delivered, making adjustments until finalized.

3 Logistics are worked out and delivery dates scheduled.

4 Kiosk components are manufactured on-site or sourced from our network of specialists.

5 Tablets, peripherals and branding options are selected and integrated as needed.

6 Kiosks are checked for quality and securely packed for shipping.

7 Kiosks are shipped on schedule with freight and international shipments available.

This all comes together to ensure that your project is delivered on time and budget, whether you are ordering a single kiosk or several thousand.

Boxes of accessories.

Burst capacity for large scale projects

We source American-made components whenever possible to cut down on both lead times and shipping costs that can significantly add to a project’s bottom line.

While we’ve increasingly shifted production to our headquarters in Frederick, Maryland, we continue to work closely with a network of professional steel and thermoplastics manufacturers.

This flexibility allows us to quickly scale up production for burst-capacity sprints on large scale orders, while maintaining the highest level of quality control checks in the industry.