Kiosk Keyboard Tray

Requires purchase of Standalone kiosk.  Cannot be added to existing kiosks without return of kiosk body and head enclosure to Kiosk Group for modification. 

Our keyboard tray is perfect for kiosks that collect contact information or for visitors who might not be comfortable interacting directly with a touch screen.

The tablet kiosk keyboard tray provides a secured way to offer a physical keyboard to your visitors and can be used for any information that would otherwise be captured through on-screen touch keyboard entry, keeping screens clean in high-use environments.

Designed for use with Apple’s Magic Keyboard, the tray is constructed from sturdy aluminum and high-density polyethylene.

The keyboard is mounted flush inside the tray so it can’t be lifted out. The tray replaces the standard bracket and mounts directly on our kiosk heads for a polished appearance.

If you're interested in using our other accessories with this one, please contact us to discuss compatibility.

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