Magnetic Stripe Card Reader & Shell

Accept credit card and other magnetic stripe card swipes directly through your kiosk with our Card Reader Shell integration.

  • Fully compatible with all of our standard kiosk enclosures.  
  • Includes card reader, shell casing, installation & all necessary cables.  Requires kiosk purchase.
  • Shell casing can be custom fit for any appropriately-sized card reader - please contact us for a quote. 
  • Encryption available for an additional fee.
  • Integrates with Kiosk Pro Enterprise using our JavaScript APIs for encrypted end-to-end credit card processing and also for unencrypted plain-text card swiping, which is only recommended for low security applications like membership or loyalty program verification.
  • The shell casing is currently under a provisional patent (Patent Pending).

Download Datasheets: IDTech Shuttle, IDTech UniMag II, IDTech iMag Pro, IDTech iMag Pro II

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