Sanitizer Wipe Holder

Keep your customers and patients safe by providing easy access to sanitizer wipes. Currently available for our Standalone model, this wipe holder can be added to new kiosks or easily retrofitted to existing kiosks in the field.

Kit includes two sizes of flexible metal banding tightened with a butterfly clamp to secure sanitizer wipe canisters and hand sanitizer pumps from 3.5” to 4” in diameter and 5” to 6” in diameter. Tested with Clorox Wet Wipes, 105 count.

The optional bin provides a convenient place to dispose of used wipes and includes a handle for easy emptying.

This kit mounts behind the head of the kiosk and attaches through the existing bracket. This mounting system does not require any permanent modification of the kiosk itself and can be added and/or removed as needed.

Not compatible with some graphics or accessory options (including, but not limited to Large Graphic Panel, Small Graphic Panel, or Graphic Wings). Please contact us to confirm compatibility with specific graphics and other accessories prior to ordering.

If needed for a Countertop or Roo Printer Kiosk, please contact us for a quote.

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