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SoundStik System

Allow visitors to listen to audio through durable speaker handsets. Providing options for audio access to visitors with visual impairment, including blindness, can be required in certain circumstances for ADA compliance.

Visitors can adjust volume by pressing up or down push buttons on the controller. When the SoundStik is replaced in its hanger mount, the volume is automatically muted and when lifted automatically resets to a mid-range level.

SoundStiks are designed to hold up under heavy use and are made from high-impact ABS plastic with a stainless steel tether. System includes hanger mount(s), power supply, and installation.

Requires enclosure purchase. System applied to head enclosure in-house with professional CNC machines. Includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you're interested in using our other accessories with this one, please contact us to discuss compatibility.

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