Signature Plus Stylus

Our tethered stylus is perfect for kiosks that collect signatures or for visitors who might not be comfortable interacting directly with a touch screen.  

The stylus is constructed from a durable, solid metal body with a black anodized finish. It fits comfortably in your hand just like a regular pen, making signature entry more accurate and recognizable.  

The soft, capacitive tip can be used for anything that would otherwise be captured through touch - signature entry, drawing applications, navigation, on-screen keyboard entry, and more - and can help keep screens clean in high-use environments.

The stylus is protected from theft or accidental loss by a coiled urethane tether connected to a convenient pen holder, which mounts directly on our kiosk heads for a polished appearance.  

Set includes capacitive stylus, tether, pen holder, replacement tips, and screws for mounting to kiosk. 

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